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The console provides a dashboard where you can create or delete services and monitor indexing status and search statistics. AI Fashion's camera search and similar item recommendations features are provided as APIs, and the detailed features can be implemented by referring to the Service API Guide.

The following describes how to use the console.

Service List

Create Services

create 1. Click Create Service. 2. Enter the service name. - Only lowercase letters, numbers, _ (underscore) and - (hyphen) are allowed in a service name. - It cannot start with a number, _ (underscore), or - (hyphen). - You can only enter 2 to 32 characters. 3. Click Save.

Delete Services

delete 1. From the service list, click the Delete button of the service to delete. - Services that are being indexed cannot be deleted. 2. When the Delete dialog box appears, click the Confirm button.

Checking Indexing Status and Search Statistics

Indexing Status

You can check the indexing status of the service selected in the service list. indexStatus - Up to 30 items are displayed in the order of the most recent logs.

Search Statistics

If you click the Search Statistics tab, you can view the query count (QC, the number of API calls) of Camera Search, Similar Item Recommendations, and Deep Tagging in charts. searchStats - You can view the search QC during the last 3 months starting from the previous day. - You can download a file in .xls, .csv, .png, and .jpeg format.