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AI Fashion provides services specialized for the fashion field by learning from product data in various categories. It lets users quickly and easily search for similar products with just an image without knowing the product name or properties. You can implement an optimal business model by presenting similar products in various price ranges or recommending similar products when the desired product is out of stock.

Main Features

The main features of AI Fashion are as follows.

  • Camera Search

    • This feature searches for similar products by detecting and analyzing fashion products in real time from images taken directly with the camera and provided as an input.
    • The feature detects multiple fashion items from an image and returns coordinate information for the corresponding areas.
    • It searches for products with images similar to the selected area and sorts them in the order of the highest similarity value.
  • Similar Item Recommendations

    • This feature searches for and recommends products with images similar to those registered in the shopping mall.
    • In addition to product images, you can use category information to filter and recommend only the products belonging to a desired category.
  • Deep Tagging

    • This feature analyzes the image and returns various property information such as category, color, material, and pattern.
    • By integrating with the product registration management system, you can enter product information quickly and accurately and use it to implement a detailed search filter.
    • Currently, only tag for clothing is supported, and tags for shoes, bags, caps, etc. will be added in the future.

Service Targets

  • Customers who want to build an image-based search service in the online shopping mall
  • Customers who want to provide a product search feature by integrating camera search with a chatbot service
  • Customers who want to recommend similar products on the product detail page
  • Customers who want to search for and recommend an alternative product for an out-of-stock product

Information on Processing of Personal Information

  • While using the AI Fashion service, customers may collect personal and sensitive information from users. Therefore, customers of this service must notify users of legal notices and obtain consent in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. In addition, during this process, a business consignment relationship may occur between the customer and NHN Cloud regarding the processing of personal information. A customer who is in the position of the consignor may enter into a consignment contract by separate writing with NHN Cloud, the consignee, and may notify the following in the privacy policy operated by the customer.

    - Consignee: NHN Cloud - Consignment description: Providing AI Fashion service