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  • Pose Estimation uses NHN Cloud's Human Pose Estimation (HPE) technology to recognize human body regions in images and extract human joints by region.
  • The extracted human joint coordinates can be utilized in various fields such as AI home training and AI workout coaching services.


Main Features

  • Pose Recognition
    • Recognizes all the human areas (Bounding Box) in the image and returns joint position information and confidence values for those areas.
    • In addition to the joints in the torso, there are 67 joints in the face, hands, and feet.

Service Targets

  • When you’re building an AI home training service
  • When you’re building an AI workout coaching service
  • When you’re building an AI proctor service for cheating detection
  • When you're building a virtual human service
  • For other services that utilize key join locations (keypoint) on people

Privacy Policy

  • While using the Pose Estimation service, the customer may collect personal information of their users. Therefore, the customer of this service must inform a legal notice to their users as per the Personal Information Protection Act and acquire their consent regarding the matter. Also during this process, work consignment relation regarding the processing of personal information may arise between the customer and NHN Cloud. The customer who assumes the position of consignor may enter into a consignment contract with the consignee, NHN Cloud, separately in writing, and post a privacy policy notice by referencing the following:
  • Consignee: NHN Cloud Corp.
  • Consignment Description: Providing Pose Estimation service