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Speech Recognition API


  • You can check the {appKey} and {secretKey} in the URL & Appkey menu at the top of the console.


Method URI

[Request Header]

Name Value Description
Authorization {secretKey} Security key issued from the console

[Request Body]

  • Input the binary data of the voice file.
curl -X POST '{appKey}/stt' \
-F 'audio=@sample.mp3' \
-H 'Authorization: ${secretKey}'


Name Type Description
audio multipart/form–data Voice file (WAV, WebM, MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3)


[Response Body]

    "header": {
        "isSuccessful": true,
        "resultCode": 0,
        "resultMessage": "SUCCESS"
    "result": {
        "inputLength": 1.85,
        "fileType": "mp3",
        "text": "Hello.",
        "confidence": 0.94


Name Type Description
isSuccessful Boolean Analysis API successful or not
resultCode Integer Result code
resultMessage String Result message (SUCCESS on success, error details on failure)


Name Type Description
inputLength Double Recognized voice file duration (unit: seconds)
fileType String Recognized voice file type
text String Text conversion result of recognized speech
confidence Double Recognition result confidence