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Speech Synthesis API


  • You can check the {appKey} and {secretKey} in the URL & Appkey menu at the top of the console.


Method URI

[Request Header]

Name Value Description
Authorization {secretKey} Security key issued from the console
Content-Type application/json

[Request Body]

    "inputText": "input text",
    "fileType": "WAV",
    "language: "EN",
    "speaker": "MALE",
    "emotion": "NEUTRAL",
    "pitch": 0,
    "speed": 1,
    "volume": 0


Name Type Required Default value Valid range Description
inputText String Required Up to 1,000 characters Input text
fileType String Optional MP3 MP3/WAV File format(.mp3, .wav)
language String Optional KO KO/EN/JA/ZH Language(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
speaker String Optional FEMALE MALE/FEMALE Voice type(Male, Female)
emotion String Optional NEUTRAL NEUTRAL/DARK/BRIGHT Voice emotion(Neutral, Dark, Bright)
pitch Float Optional 0 -12~12 Pitch
speed Float Optional 1 0.5~4 Speed
volume Float Optional 0 -6~6 Volume


[Success Response] * HTTP Status Code: 200 * Content-Type: audio/wav or audio/mpeg * Body: byte[]

[Failure Response] * Content-Type: application/json

    "header": {
        "isSuccessful": false,
        "resultCode": 400,
        "resultMessage": "Bad Request"
    "errorList": [
            "resultCode": 4000001,
            "resultTitle": "Invalid parameter.  (speed)",
            "resultMessage": "Must be equal to or less than  4 "
            "resultCode": 4000001,
            "resultTitle": "Invalid parameter.  (pitch)",
            "resultMessage": "Must be equal to or less than  12 "