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Guide to Join

Authenticate NHN Cloud

To use NHN Cloud eTax, join NHN Cloud as a business member. In the process of subscription, submit documents to verify business and register a method of payment.

Authenticate Public Certificate

To use the service, a public certificate for e-tax invoice must be authenticated: get a public certificate from CROSSCERT: Korea Electronic Certification Authority.

Service Authority

Now that you have joined NHN Cloud as business member, and registered a payment method and authenticated public certificate, you're ready to use the service. Following are the authorities to use service:

  • As ADMIN: Manage NHN Cloud eTax users, and issue e-tax invoices
  • As MEMBER: Issue e-tax invoice

Main Features

Template Management

Register a frequently-used tax invoice format as a template. Efficiently improve repetitive task of tax invoice issuance.


Easily find monthly statistics on the issuance of tax invoice, public notice, and mileage collection on a single screen, and execute shortcuts.

Developer API

Provide a developer API which can be integrated with a legacy system. By integrating with the ERP system in service, a large amount of tax invoices can be automatically issued.

Service Menu

Menu Description
Dashboard Show summary information required for a user, including the number of purchases, sales, and closed dates.
e-tax Invoice Create, edit, and issue e-tax invoices, while managing their history on the page.
Settings Register items for the issuance of e-tax invoice, as well as business partner information; manage frequently-used tax invoice formats as templates.
User Management Add users of eTax, and manage their authorities.