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Create Image Template

Create an image template. The image builder creates an image based on the contents of the image template you created in advance.

Item Description
Image Template Name Up to 255 English characters or 85 Korean characters
OS OS type, distribution, and version of the private image to create
Application Application installation components
Multiple applications can be selected, but the selection may be limited if there is a conflict between the applications.
Minimum Block Storage (GB) Minimum block storage size required to create an instance using an image
User Script Script to be executed after application installation
Description Image template description

[Note] As of January 2022, only Linux OS and user scripts in shell script format are supported.

[Note] User scripts run with the default user account. If a user script includes commands that require a root privilege, you must configure the script to run the command to gain the privilege first. The first line of the user script must start with a shebang. In general, #!/bin/bash -e is used. An error in the user script can cause the image build to fail. To determine the cause of the error, see the detailed log in the Build Details window.

Update Image Template

You can modify the contents of an image template by selecting an image template and clicking the Update Image Template button.

Delete Image Template

You can delete an image template by selecting an image template and clicking the Delete Image Template button.

Build Image

Select an image template and click the Build Image button to start the build.

Item Description
Image Name Up to 255 English characters
Base Image The OS image used as the base when creating a private image
The list of base images you can choose from depends on the applications stored in the image template.

Image Template Details

If you select an image template, you can check the information of the image template in the bottom tab.

Image Template Build Status

Check the list of build tasks for the selected image template. You can select a build task to view details or cancel a build task in progress.

  • Build Details: View details of an ongoing or finished build task. If the build failed, you can check the cause of the failure through the detailed log.
  • Cancel Build: Cancel a build task in progress. If the build task does not end due to an error in a user script, or if the build needs to be restarted for other reasons, you can use Cancel Build to end the task and clean up the resources used in the build.

Image List

You can see a list of images created with the selected image template.