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Virtual Desktop is a cloud computing-based virtual desktop service that allows you to access your workspace anywhere, anytime, from any device. When you need internet access, Virtual Desktop allows you to use a flexible and smart work environment through the DaaS service with cloud virtualization technology. The Virtual Desktop service is a customized smart work environment optimized for public businesses while ensuring secure and reliable services and flexible utilization of various hardware resources for remote working.


Main Features

  • Provides strong security.
    • Meets the high security standards by obtaining the Common Criteria (CC) certification by National Intelligence Service, Good Software (GS) certification, and Verification of Security Function Test, and ensures reliability and stability with strong security technology for intrusion prevention and encrypted communication.
    • Allows you to use a secure virtual desktop without worrying about hacking, information leakage, and other security issues. (Provides a harmful website blocking function and a firewall by default)
    • Provides essential software services for business, such as document programs and vaccines.
    • Provides a batch recovery function in case of failure.
  • Reduces operational costs with a reasonable pricing.
    • Allows you to use the service at a monthly paid subscription, which is more affordable than on-premises deployment of VDI without initial deployment costs.
    • Reduces the cost of purchasing additional PCs by reusing existing PCs according to the work environment.
    • Reduces operational costs with virtual desktop management by removing the hassle of managing PCs for employees joining and quitting.
  • Provides convenient management tools.
    • Provides a web-based management/monitoring portal for administrators, without the need for installation. (Overall monitoring and integrated management of servers, storage, and virtual machines (VMs))
    • Enables easy management through a dedicated portal to centrally monitor, manage, and control security, performance, failure, etc.
    • Easy to operate the system and expand storage in the future by applying hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) technology.
    • Enables configuration and usage management of independent virtualized PC, server, storage, and network according to personal work characteristics within each user group.
    • Provides two types of protocols, one for business and one for graphics to meet performance requirements and network environments.
    • Allows you to work continuously anytime, anywhere through connection on various OSs such as Window, Android, and iOS from various devices including tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Provides a customized service optimized for businesses.
    • Provides customized services: a cloud service exclusive for public agencies (G-Cloud), services for remote working and internal business purposes, SDDC-based center deployment service, VDI network isolation service, and public SaaS service.
    • Technical support experts assist with suggestions to build a service that is suited for customer requirements and business environments.
    • Provides an open-source based PaaS-TA development environment, and solutions specialized for public sectors, such as Korean DBMS and middleware.
    • Provides consulting for public SaaS security certification and various software to implement E-government of administrative and public organizations.
    • Supports consulting by cloud experts to implement E-government through public sectors’ transition to the cloud.
  • Provides operation/management performed by cloud experts.
    • Technical support experts offer suggestions to build a service that is suited for customer requirements and business environments.
    • Provides a convenient and reliable operation management performed by Virtual Desktop cloud engineers 365 days a year.

Service Targets

  • Enterprises and organizations where remote working, working from home, overseas working, out-of-office work, and business trip are frequent
  • Enterprise and organization customers who want to move to the cloud and remove the inconvenience of using two PCs per person (one for work, and one for internet access)
  • Enterprise and organization customers who need security measures due to information leakage and hacking incidents
  • Enterprise and organization customers who run out of workers in charge of managing PCs and programs