Content Delivery > Image Manager > Error Code

resultCode resultKey resultMessage
0 SUCCESS Success
1 PARTIAL_SUCCESS Partial Success
-1 FAIL Unknown error.
400 BAD_REQUEST It could not understand the request due to invalid syntax.
401 UNAUTHORIZED Unauthorized
403 NOT_ALLOWED Not Allowed.
404 NOT_FOUND Please check your API Url, HTTP Method.
415 UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE Please check your Media type. Only can be using 'application/json'
5000 INVALID_PARAM '{}' is invalid.
5001 INVALID_PARAM_MORE_THAN '{}' must be more than '{}'.
5002 INVALID_PARAM_BETWEEN_THAN '{}' must be more than '{}' or less than '{}'.
5003 INVALID_PARAM_NOT_DEFINED '{}' is not defined.
5004 INVALID_PARAM_IS_NOT_NULL '{}' must be not null
5005 INVALID_PARAM_EXTENSION it must be '{}'
5006 INVALID_PARAM_IS_SAME the value of '{}' and '{}' must be differed.
5007 INVALID_PARAM_NOT_TOGETHER '{}' can not use with '{}'.
10001 INVALID_PARAMETERS parameter is invalid.
10002 INVALID_FILES There is not exist upload file or it is an invalid file.
11001 PATH_LENGTH_LIMIT The max byte size of full path is 1024.
11002 FILENAME_LENGTH_LIMIT It is 2 ~ 255 the length of file and folder.
11003 FILE_COUNT_LIMIT It is 10,000 the max count of file and folder you can request.
11004 UPLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT It was exceed the max volume you can upload at once.
11050 INVALID_FILENAME Invalid Characters in File or Folder Name
11051 INVALID_URL It is 80,443 the upload port count of URL.
11060 FILENAME_EMPTY You must register the name of file or folder.
20000 FOLDER_DUPLICATED_NAME There is already a folder at the given destination. path: {}
20001 FOLDER_NOT_EXISTS No file was found at the specified path.
20002 INVALID_BASE_PATH It does not exist upper folder.
20010 FILE_DUPLICATED_NAME There is same file name.
21002 MARKED_ALREADY_DELETING It was file or folder requested to delete.
21003 DELETE_FILE_COUNT_LIMIT It is 10,000 the max count of file and folder you are able to delete.
21011 NO_FILE_TO_DELETE It does not exist the data to delete.
21030 FAIL_TO_DELETE It occurred some problem while deleting.
22001 FAIL_TO_CREATE_FOLDER It occurred some problem while creating folder.
23002 FAIL_TO_META_IMAGES It could not extract the image attribute.
24001 FAIL_TO_SWIFT_UPLOAD The storage upload failed.
24002 FAIL_TO_SWIFT_DELETE_OBJECT It occurred some proble while storage deleting
24003 FAIL_TO_SWIFT_CREATE_CONTAINER Failed to create new swift container.
24004 FAIL_TO_SWIFT_SET_PRIVATE Failed to set private swift container.
24005 FAIL_TO_SWIFT The storage access was denied.
30004 INVALID_APPKEY The authentication is invalid.
30005 INVALID_USER The user is invalid.
40000 OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED You have no operation authority.
40001 OPERATION_FAIL Failed to process the image operation.
40002 OPERATION_DUPLICATED_NAME There is same name of Image Operation.
40003 OPERATION_NO_PROCESSING_OPTION There are not any option for image processing.
40004 OPERATION_PARSING_FAIL Failed to parsing the image operation.
50001 DUPLICATED_APPKEY Failed to enable given appKey, since the appKey is already exist.
50002 FAIL_TO_ISSUE_NEW_MEMBERKEY Failed to issue new memberKey.
50003 FAIL_TO_ENABLE_USER_INTERNAL_ERROR Failed to enable appKey due to inter server error.
50004 SHORTAGE_MEMBERKEY Available member key is shortage.
50011 PENDING_DELETE_ALL_JOB Pending deleting all image files.
50012 FAIL_TO_EXIST_IMAGE_FILE Remains image files. Please proceed delete all image files.
50013 FAIL_TO_DISABLE_USER_INTERNAL_ERROR Failed to disable appKey due to inter server error.