Database > RDS for MySQL > Overview

RDS for MySQL enables you to use MySQL databases in the cloud environment. You can easily use virtual machines with MySQL installed.

Main Features

  • You can easily use MySQL databases with the specifications and volume size you want.
  • You can set up high availability features so that there is no availability issue even if a failure occurs.
  • RDS for MySQL can perform backup automatically or manually at any time. You can use the backup to restore the database.
  • You can check the events that occurred on RDS for MySQL, and you can subscribe and receive related information by mail or SMS.
  • Allows you to manage database setting values as a parameter group, and apply them to multiple databases quickly and easily.
  • You can quickly and easily set up security rules that allow you to access the database.
  • Provides a server dashboard that provides a quick-to-check view of the health of the database.
  • Provides various metrics for instances and databases with graphs on the server dashboard.

[Caution] RDS for MySQL is not available until you enable your Compute & Network services.