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RDS for MS-SQL uses database for internal control or restricts a few user authorities so as to provide automated management and backup at a stable manner.

Database for Control

rdsadmin refers to database for internal control, which cannot be deleted or accessed by user. rdsadmin includes a table and stored procedure for management.

Name Change of Database

To change name of a database, call a separate stored procedure, instead of a general ALTER statement. See the below example to change database name from FOO to BAR.

EXEC [master].[dbo].[rdsp_alter_database_name] N'FOO', N'BAR'

Deleting Database

To delete a database, a separate (Stored Procedure) must be called instead of the common DROP syntax. The following is an example of deleting the FOO database.

EXEC [master].[dbo].[rdsp_drop_database] N'FOO'