Database > RDS for MS-SQL > Overview

NHN Cloud Relational Database Service for SQL Server (RDS for MS-SQL) provides Microsoft SQL Server under the cloud environment. No complicated setting is required to use highly available Microsoft SQL Server.

Main Features

  • Easy to configure Microsoft SQL Server to meet user's specifications and volume needs.
  • Auto or manual backup of RDS for MS-SQL is available at a time of choice.
  • Database restoration is available based on the backups.
  • Events occurred at RDS for MS-SQL can be found via email or SMS on subscription.
  • Database configuration values managed by parameter groups can be easily and fast applied to many databases.
  • It gets fast and easy to set security rules for database access.
  • Server dashboard is available to identify database status at a glance.
  • Server dashboard provides graphs for instance and database metrics.

[Caution] RDS for MS-SQL is enabled only on activated Compute & Network service of the user.