Dooray! > Overview

NHN Dooray! is an integrated service which provides tools for online collaboration, such as Project, Messenger, Mail, Calendar, Drive, Wiki, and Contacts.

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Service Configuration

Services Description
Project Issue tracker per person, team, and project
Messenger Real-time messenger which accelerates work speed
Meeting Available anytime, anywhere by anyone
Mail Smart email system optimized for business environment
Calendar Calendar which manages work schedules and calendars in one place
Drive Drive for convenient and safe data management
Drive Provides My Drive and Project Drive separately
Wiki Online document editing/sharing service
Contacts Links with your email system and provides many useful features to manage your contacts
Home / Board Share key info at Dooray! home and check for updates
Workflow Approval service for quick decision-making
Work Schedule Work management service that supports various work systems
Resource reservation reserve / manage meeting rooms, office appliances, mobile devices, and shared vehicle