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This section explains how to develop a game server using GameAnvil.

System requirements

Development language Development IDE Supported OS Manage project Available network protocol Security
Java 8, 11 IntelliJ IDEA Linux, Windows, MacOS Maven TCP/IP, WebSocket, HTTP/HTTPS SSL

Creating a chatting server within a minute

GameAnvil provides its own templates to quickly finish basic framework. The user can create a basic game server by clicking a couple of times when using templates. The server created in this way includes a simple chatting feature. For more information, refer to the server template guide below:


  • Import Settings Select the file downloaded from the dialog box and import it. GameAnvilTemplate-2

  • Once import is done, restart IntelliJ.

  • When it is restarted, a dialog box appears as below. Select Create New Project. GameAnvilTemplate-3

  • Now, the previously registered template can be selected. Click the Next button to apply. GameAnvilTemplate-4

  • If the window prompting Enable Auto-Import appears as below while applying, select Enable. GameAnvilTemplate-5

  • Once everything is finished, the server template project's source code appears. When Run is run, the chatting server is initiated as below: GameAnvilTemplate-6

Running server

Once the basic server configuration is finished using a template, it can be run. If the server runs without problem, the onReady log is displayed per node. Now use the client to connect to the prepared server.

[2020-03-13 17:36:16,925] [INFO ] [MANAGEMENT@1005@ThinkServer@1] [c.n.t.m.ManagementNode] onReady
[2020-03-13 17:36:20,008] [INFO ] [LOCATION@30122@ThinkServer@2] [c.n.t.l.LocationNode] onReady
[2020-03-13 17:36:18,316] [INFO ] [SPACE@1@ThinkServer@0] [c.n.t.s.i.SpaceNode] onReady
[2020-03-13 17:36:19,008] [INFO ] [SESSION@1001@ThinkServer@2] [c.n.t.s.i.SessionNode] onReady


GameAnvil provides not only templates but also reference projects. We implemented a variety of features to the basic framework for GameAnvil users to refer to. Reference clients for servers and references like this can be checked from a separate menu. In addition, refer to the GameAnvil API and UML diagrams provided in a JavaDoc document.

GameAnvil JavaDoc API Reference Site(If JavaDoc site is included to NHN Cloud, it is scheduled to replace with that domain)