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GameStarter allows you to use the features listed below.

  • PC game information registration (Game Setting) : game name, game executable file name, game installation path, etc.

  • Distribution of PC game information (Game Deploy) : immediate distribution, scheduled distribution setting, CDN path of Game Contents, etc.


  • To use GameStarter, you must register a domain name after service activation.
  • Domain name can contain only lowercase letters and numbers and can be up to 20 characters long.
  • Domain name is used for the name of the launcher, the name of the executable file, the installation path, the URL scheme, and the name of the installer.

Game Setting > Game Information


  • Enter the version text for management.

  • It cannot be duplicated with previously registered information.

  • You can enter numbers and lowercase letters.

Game name

  • Enter the name of the game.

Executable file name

  • The domain name is used and automatically entered as an exe file name.

Game Executable Options

  • As an Argument, enter the game launch options.

Installation path

  • Enter the default path to install the executable file.

Exit the launcher after running the game

  • Select whether to close the launcher after running the game.

Whether to use the login authentication function

  • Select whether to use the login function when launching the launcher.

Acquire Admin Privileges

  • Select whether to acquire permission from the OS.

Whether or not to use

  • Choose whether to use the information.
  • If you no longer use the game information, you can use this function to change the status to inactive.


  • This is a memo for simple management.
  • You can write up to 30 Korean characters including spaces.

Game Setting > Game Service Information

Game Services

  • Game service ID

  • Game service name: Enter the game service name that exists under the game.

Shortcut Icon

  • Game icon creation location : Enter the game icon creation location.
  • Game working path: Enter the game's working Path.
  • Game executable file path: Enter the game executable file (exe type) path.

Web UI

  • Background image: Register the background image to be output on the launcher background.

  • AD URL: Enter the ad URL. A URL that can be clicked to go to the details.

  • Notice URL: Enter the notice URL. A URL that can be clicked to go to the details.

  • Preview: You can check the contents of the Web UI you have entered through the preview.

Game Deploy

Name of distribution zone

  • When creating a project, it is created as Test and Service.

CDN Update Skip

  • If the status of the distribution zone is "Service", it is not output.
    • You can skip without CDN update.

Game Contents CDN path

  • Enter the CDN address of Game Contents.