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Gamebase is a strongly recommended service as it embraces a decade's operational knowhow of NHN Entertainment, which is the leading game platform provider. It only takes Gamebase SDK to make easy use of common game services.


Gamebase Sample App

We are providing sample apps to help you test out the various features of Gamebase. With the sample apps, you can test the Gamebase features in your game app and predict how they work. Developers can check the sample app code to easily find out how to apply Gamebase.

  • Download page Gamebase_sample_app
  • You can use a QR code to download the Sample App APK.(Supported platform: Android OS)

Key Features

Gamebase Analytics

With Gamebase SDK,indicators on sales, users, and game balancing are provided for free. Necessary indicator services for game business and operations, including sales, concurrent access, users, level, and item sales, are provided. Apply them fast to the needs of your service! Gamebase_analytics



Gamebase supports OAuth login based on ID and passwords, using accounts of many identity providers (IdPs); guest login by using UUID of a device. Its authentication service is based on member information provided by external IdP, without having its own member system. In other words, user's ID or passwords are not saved in Gamebase.

  • Provides many authentication methods via single interface. Development costs can be saved by enabling external IdP development easier and faster. Developers can easily implement authentication without concerning complicated procedure and legal or policy issues.

  • Provides various external IdP authentication methods. Provided external authentication is to be continuously updated, and if there is any other authentication you'd like to include, contact Customer Center.

Following is the list of external authentication supported by Gamebase.

External Authentication Android iOS Windows(based Unity)
Facebook O O O
Sign In with Apple O O
Apple Game Center O
Google O O O
Twitter O O
Hangame O O O
Weibo O O
  • Provides guest logins. With guest login, users can log in and start a game without any authentication required. As Gamebase user ID is issued even to guest users, game data can be managed for all users, regardless of OAuth or guest login

  • Provides independent member identification. On a first-time login, Gamebase user ID is automatically created, which can be used as user identifier in a game. User ID is issued to all users, regardless of authentication method, and is not inclusive to a particular IdP, so user processing is available in the same method throughout any IdP.

  • Provides log-out and withdrawal. You can choose to log out and log in again from different authentication, and if you withdraw from a game, user ID will be deleted from Gamebase with all related information.

  • Provides mapping so that a game user can use multiple external IdPs at the same time. For example, a game user with Facebook authentication can use the same ID with Google authentication. If Facebook authentication is mapped with Google authentication to a user ID, the user can play games with Facebook authentication and Google authentication, each on two different devices.



Game companies can enjoy maximum profits with less efforts by releasing already available games to many stores. Since Gamebase supports easy integration with many stores, you're not required a full knowledge of payment integration conditions of each major store.

Gamebase supports the following stores: * Google Play Store * App Store * Galaxy Store * ONE Store * Facebook * Amazon

  • In-app purchase of many stores on a single interface Since further store development gets easy and fast via single-interface API, you can save development costs. Developers can easily implement purchase without having to learn the complexity of integration.
  • Standalone payment verification server for secure and stable purchases Gamebase helps to stabilize purchase transactions by setting up a seperate server to verify payment with external stores. Given the network status could be unstable, payment retries and item credits are managed separately.
  • Buying as well as subscription and promotion The subscription feature of Google PlayStore and Appstore is enabled to sell users monthly products. Google's promotion is also available in each game without further implementation. More features of external stores are to be added to Gamebase.
  • Flawless response to customer inquiries supported by web console features (e.g. query purchase list On the web console, user can check his purchase list and item credit status; can even cancel purchase and respond to abusive acts.



A game app in service requires lots of information when it first launches. Gamebase provides data required to operate the game app during initial execution, which is called Launching. Launching data can be set in the Gamebase Console in real time, and the changes can be checked when initializing SDK or at game launching status.

Following information is provided by Gamebase for launching.

  • App status
  • Whether to update game client, and download URL
  • Maintenance information
  • Urgent notice
  • Authentication
  • URL list of in-app games


For Global

Gamebase basically supports global games, and provides following functions to that purpose:

  • Provides user messages in multiple languages.
  • User messages can be entered in multiple languages via console, but, language set follows user device's setting. If Korean, English, and Japanese are entered via console, users of Korean device will be displayed with Korean messages.
  • Allows filtering by country.
  • In case urgent notice or push messages are directed at users of a particular country during game operations, the messages can be sent to a specified country only.
  • Selects operator's local time zone to enter time at ease.
  • If a game is run in Vietnam, Vietnam’s time zone can be selected and entered, with no need to convert to Korean time.

Using the other NHN Cloud Service

  • Supports easier interfaces to TOAST service that a game requires.
  • Gamebase provides wrapped APIs on the basis of Gamebase User IDs. Therefore, users don't need to make separate calls to each service's API.
  • Notification > PUSH : Integrated push service to send push messages
  • Game > Leaderboard : Real-time large-capacity ranking service
  • Security > AppGuard : Prevents code manipulation of applications in real time


Gamebase service terms are as follows:

Term Description
User ID User identifier inside of Gamebase
Device Key Device identifier (iOS:IDFV, Android:Android ID)
UUID Device identifier used to create a guest, which is retained before app is deleted.
IdP Identity Providers who provide authentication: Facebook, Google, Apple Game Center, PAYCO, and etc.
IdP Token Access token received from IdP SDK after authentication
IdP Login Login with an external IdP (such as Facebook or Google)

Service Architecture

The following shows the service structure of Gamebase with simple description logical architecture

Component Description
Gamebase SDK - Client development SDK
Gateway - Provides mashup API between internal and external modules.
- Delivers to backend services at the request of client and server.
Gamebase Server - Processes internal logic of Gamebase.
- Provides data for client's initial execution
- Issues/manages user identifier keys and manages mapping
- Collects and manages concurrent access indicators per game.
Console - Web Console

Platform Guide

Client Developer's Guide

Server Developer's Guide

Operator's Guide

Functional Guide

Feature Description Client Server Console
Analytics - Real-time Indicators
- Sales Indicators
- User Indicators
- Balancing Indicators
[Android] [iOS] [Unity] [Analytics]
Login Support Guest and 3rd Party authentication
- Supported IdPs
[iOS] [Android] [Unity] [Token Authentication]
[Retrieve Member]
[App] > Setting Authentication Information
[Member] > Retrieve
- Basic information, login history, playtime, purchase history, and etc.
Logout Logout [iOS] [Android] [Unity]
Withdraw Withdraw from a game
- Delete all information of a game user, including user ID and mapping information
[iOS] [Android] [Unity]
Mapping Integrate one user ID to many IdPs [iOS] [Android] [Unity]
Purchase(IAP) (TOAST Integration)
InApp Purchase
- Supported stores: Google and App Store
[iOS] [Android] [Unity] [Wrapping API] [Purchase]
- Register Items
- Retrieve Transaction
Push (TOAST Integration)
Send push messages and check results
[iOS] [Android] [Unity] [Push]
- Real-time delivery
Leaderboard (TOAST Integration)
Retrieve and register real-time ranking of large-capacity data
[Wrapping API]
Webview SDK provides default WebView UI
Provides both system pop-up and TOAST UI
[iOS] [Android] [Unity]
[Operator] Maintenance (Operation) Maintenance [Check for Maintenance] [Maintenance]
- Register or cancel maintenance
[Operator] Notice (Operation) Urgent Notification
- In pop-ups while user is executing an app
-Register Notice
[Operator] Image Notice (Operation) Image Notice function
- Exposes the image notice in in-game popup format
[Android] [iOS] [Unity]
- Expose image notice
[Image Notice]
- Manage image notice
[Operator] Ban (Operation) Register/Release banned game users
- Register/Release banned game users
[iOS][Android] [Unity]
-Check information of banned users
[Retrieving the ban history of game users [Ban]
-Register and Release Ban
[Operator] Coupon (Operation) Manage coupon
- issue, view history
[Validate coupon and change coupon status [Coupon]
- Issue coupon
[Operator] Customer Service (Operation) 1:1 inquiry reception and handling
- FAQ, notice management
[Android] [iOS] [Unity]
- Display customer center webpages in WebView
[Customer Service]
- Handling Customer Center Inquiries
- FAQ/Notice Management

Console Role

As for the standard member policy and permission for NHN Cloud, see the following guide. * NHN Cloud > Console User Guide > Manage Members

Manage Role

Console > Project Settings > Manage Members On the Project Settings screen, you can add Toast members, or grant permissions to registered members individually. Multiple permissions can be granted to a single member. Project Permission

Console > Project Settings > Manage Group Permission For the ease of operation, group permission can be granted to a Toast member by registering frequently used permissions as group permission. Project Permission Group

Console > Organization Settings > Project Common Permission Group Settings On the Organization Admin screen, you can manage the permission group commonly used in the project within the organization. Organization Permission Group

Permissions list provided by Gamebase

Services Permission Description
Gamebase ADMIN Full screen access and control
Create/Read/Update/Delete Gamebase service
Gamebase ANALYTICS VIEWER - ALL Read all indexes()
Can download the index results in Excel file
Gamebase ANALYTICS VIEWER - EXCLUDING SALES Read all indexes except for sales
Gamebase ANALYTICS VIEWER - ONLY REAL-TIME Read real-time indexes
Gamebase APP ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete APP menu
Gamebase APP VIEWER Read APP menu
Gamebase BAN ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete User Ban menu
Gamebase BAN VIEWER Read User Ban menu
Gamebase COUPON ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Coupon menu
Gamebase COUPON VIEWER Read Coupon menu
Gamebase CS ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Customer Center menu
Gamebase CS INQUIRY SUPPORT Read/Update Customer Center inquiry menu and Read Member menu
Gamebase IAP ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Purchase menu
Gamebase IAP VIEWER Read Purchase menu
Gamebase LEADERBOARD ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Leaderboard menu
Gamebase LEADERBOARD VIEWER Read Leaderboard menu
Gamebase MANAGEMENT ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Management menu
Gamebase MEMBER ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Member menu
Gamebase MEMBER VIEWER Read Member menu
Gamebase MEMBER FILE DOWNLOAD Read Member menu and download Member files
Gamebase OPERATION ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Operation menu
Gamebase OPERATION VIEWER Read Operation menu
Gamebase PUSH ADMIN Create/Read/Update/Delete Push menu
Gamebase PUSH VIEWER Read Push menu
  • This is an example of managing the permissions by creating a frequently used permission group in the project. You can create and manage an appropriate permission group as necessary in the game.
Services Permission Administrator/Business Development CS
Gamebase ADMIN
Gamebase APP ADMIN
Gamebase BAN ADMIN
Gamebase CS ADMIN
Gamebase IAP ADMIN