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A Step-By-Step Quick Guide is available to get to know Gamebase easily.

Install: Developers

Gamebase SDK Installation [link]

Beginners / 10 mins

  • Setting Tool Installation
  • Gamebase SDK Download using Setting Tool
  • Gamebase SDK Installation using Setting Tool
  • Gamebase SDK Deletion using Setting Tool
  • Setting Tool Update

Authentication: Developers

[Unity] Guest Authentication [link]

Beginners / 15 mins

  • Project Creation in Gamebase Console
  • Gamebase SDK Installation using Gamebase Setting Tool
  • Gamebase Configuration from Unity Project
  • Gamebase Initialize
  • Gamebase Guest Login
  • Gamebase Logout

[Unity] Google IdP Authentication [link]

Beginners / 30 mins

  • Google Play Console Configuration
  • Register Authentication Information from Gamebase Console