Resource Watcher > Overview

Resource Watcher uses groups and tags to efficiently manage all resources created by NHN Cloud's services within the organization. It is service that allows to set notification criteria to receive notifications of various changes that occur in Resource Available on an organization basis and ready to use without any activation process.

Characteristics and Features

  • Allows you to quickly search for all of resources you create, including projects, services, and regions etc.
  • You can track events that occur in a resource over time.
  • You can manage resources on logical basis by assigning groups and tags to various resources.
  • You can detect changes in resources of interest, send notifications based on conditions, and manage notifications history.


  • When creating an organization, it is enabled automatically and cannot be disabled manually.
  • This service is only available for members with Resource Watcher permissions
  • Currently, only instances of default infrastructure service can be viewed as resources.
    • The service will be expanded continuously to allow users to check resources of various services.