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2024. 05. 28.

Feature Updates

  • Changed Service Category
  • Changed the Category from Compute to Monitoring.

2023. 10. 31.

System Monitoring

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that kept sending notifications to users excluded from projects

2023. 06. 27.

System Monitoring

  • Fixed an issue where, when using the Monthly Metrics Report, excel files are not created intermittently
  • Windows agent
  • Improved high availability feature
  • Added logs

2023. 04. 25.

System Monitoring

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded monthly metrics reports intermittently fail to run

2023. 03. 28.

System Monitoring

  • Removed the interval option 1m in Monthly Metrics Report

2022. 07. 26.

System Monitoring

  • Added a new feature: Monthly Metrics Report
  • Allows you to create and download monthly metric reports.
  • Allows you to create reports on metrics for up to 6 months on a monthly basis.
  • Among the Select Metrics items, GENERAL can be found in Server Dashboard, and PROMQL found in OpenMetrics Dashboard.
  • Each request can be found in Monthly Metric Report, and the report can be downloaded for a month after creation

2021. 12. 28.

System Monitoring

  • Deleted the feature to add @Linux and @Windows default workspaces and deleted the created workspaces
  • @Linux and @Windows workspaces that were added automatically when creating an instance are no longer added automatically.
  • All @Linux and @Windows workspaces automatically created in the existing instances are deleted.

2021. 10. 26.

System Monitoring

  • OpenMetrics Dashboard > Query
  • Changed to allow users to select only up to the date one year ago when selecting a query period.
  • Changed so that guide text regarding data unavailable status or errors is displayed in the chart
  • OpenMetrics Dashboard > Add/Modify Charts
  • Changed so that, when the user clicks the Add button without selecting any metrics, guide text shows up and the location is highlighted.

2021. 09. 14.

System Monitoring

  • Added new APIs: added APIs to view, add, or delete workspaces and collection targets
  • Added @Linux, @Windows default workspaces
  • @Linux: Collects metrics of node exporter installed on an instance. When you create a Linux OS type instance, it is automatically added as the collection target of @Linux.
  • @Windows: Collects metrics of windows exporter installed on an instance. When you create a Windows OS type instance, it is automatically added as the collection target of @Windows.

2021. 07. 27.

System Monitoring

  • Bug fixed: Fixed the problem of selecting ‘There are no entries.’ when adding server of notification group and user group.
  • Bug fixed: Fixed the problem of creating more than 5 when creating advanced monitoring layout quickly
  • Bug fixed: Fixed the problem of not being able to add other instances with same name to the same port as the collection target in Advanced Monitoring > Workspace > Collection Target

2021. 06. 29.

System Monitoring

  • Improved OpenMetrics notification group input guide text
  • Improved server/agent status tooltip size in server dashboard
  • Fixed the problem in which some dropdown menu buttons were displayed abnormally on the event status screen
  • Modified the instance name changed in Compute > Instance to be reflected in the server list on the server dashboard
  • Modified loading bar
  • Added API compatible to Prometheus (Beta)

2021. 01. 26.

System Monitoring

  • Added new feature: Advanced Monitoring (OpenMetrics)
  • Provides the OpenMetrics (Prometheus exposition format) index collection, retrieval, and notification features

2020. 06. 23.

System Monitoring

  • Updated chart and legend names to clarify
  • Added detail indications on a chart for items with more details

2020. 02. 25.

System Monitoring

  • Updates in Event Status Page
  • Updated to query events by each region
  • Added 'All' as status item for event search filters
  • Added the Forced Stop button, by which user can directly close events
  • Agent Updates
  • Optimized communication paths with System Monitoring servers
    • Indicators can be collected, regardless of internet gateway or security group settings
  • Upgraded usage volume for CPU and memory

2020. 01. 21.

System Monitoring

  • Added Query Event Page
  • Query events occurred out of surveillance setup
  • Updated Server List on Server Dashboard
  • Upgraded to query all instances in Compute > Instance
  • Updated to show instance status more precisely
  • Updated Server - User Integration for Alarm Groups
  • Updated to save changes, by selecting a server and user group and clicking the save button

2019. 11. 26.

System Monitoring

Feature Updates
  • Instance Search Updated on Server Dashboard: No distinction is required between upper and lower cases

2019. 10. 29.

System Monitoring

Feature Updates
  • Updated UI for User Interactions
  • Updated to show the loading bar to search/add/modify/delete monitoring data, including user group, monitoring group, or monitoring setting.
  • Allowed to disable unnecessary buttons for interactions
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the error in the Japan and US region, where indicator collecting was temporarily suspended for servers with changed monitoring setting
  • Fixed the issue of invalid output of dates for the adding/modifying user/monitoring groups, especially in the US region

2019. 09. 24.

System Monitoring

  • Supports English for web console messages
  • Fixed failure in the layout selection for server dashboard on Internet Explorer 11

2019. 08. 27.

System Monitoring

  • Improved performance for the query of charts on server dashboard
  • UI improved for the Internet Explorer 11 browser environment

2019. 07. 23.

Release of New Service: System Monitoring

  • System metrics are provided on a chart for a newly created virtual server
  • Each chart of system metrics can be configured under a layout of choice; you may set a notification to be sent to a group of particular users via email or SMS, when a metric reaches a specific threshold.