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The Colocation Gateway service allows you to connect the networks provided as a hybrid model by NHN Cloud. This service is available only in the Korea (Pangyo) and Korea (Pyeongchon) regions.
Only when using a hybrid service in NHN Cloud, the NHN Cloud Zone connected to the customer's on-premises network is provided, and you can use the Colocation Gateway service to connect the VPC and NHN Cloud Zone directly.

Main Features

  • Allows you to connect NHN Cloud and an on-premises network as a hybrid model.
  • When you are using a hybrid service, NHN Cloud Zone is provided.
  • You can use the service after creating a colocation gateway and connecting the VPC and NHN Cloud Zone.
  • This service is currently only available in the Korea (Pangyo) and Korea (Pyeongchon) regions, and will be supported by other regions gradually.

NHN Cloud Zone

This is an item that must be selected when creating a colocation gateway. It is a resource connected to the customer's network environment. When a colocation gateway is created, the selected VPC and NHN Cloud Zone are connected. If you want to use a hybrid service, NHN Cloud will create an NHN Cloud Zone resource for you.
To use a hybrid service, please contact through 1:1 Inquiry of the NHN Cloud Customer Center.