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Direct Connect serves as a point of contact that connects NHN Cloud’s IaaS resources and external networks (e.g., on-premises networks of the customer) with a dedicated line provided by mobile carriers. Using a dedicated line offers more reliable speed and secure communication against external security environments.

Main Features

Direct Connect provides various features as follows.

[Note] This service is currently only available in the Korea (Pangyo) and Korea (Pyeongchon) regions, and will be supported by other regions gradually. * Various speeds: Provides bandwidths ranging from a minimum of 10Mbps to 10Gbps. * Redundancy support: Supports redundancy of a point of contact for a dedicated line. * Excellent security: Provides excellent security at the same level with the relevant data center, when connecting to a dedicated line through various security certifications and technologies achieved by NHN Cloud. * Neutral data center: Allows customers to use a mobile carrier’s line of their choice. * Various communication settings: Supports various communication protocols such as L2, L3-based VLAN, and BGP.

Configuration Environment

The cloud configuration environment supported by Direct Connect is as follows.

Category Specifications
Region Korea (Pangyo), Korea (Pyeongchon) regions
Bandwidth 10Mbps~10Gbps
Line type Ethernet method
Communication method L2 (Vlan), L3 (BGP, Static, IPsec)
Connection method 1 Dedicated connection - Dedicated line connection through mobile carriers
- Choose from KT, LG U+, SK Broadband, Dreamline, Sejong Telecom (line contract and connection by NHN Cloud)
Connection method 2 Hosted connection- Cloud platform connection method through N/W partners
- KINX Cloud Hub
- LG U+ Cloud Multi-Connect
- Dreamline Cloud Exchange Platform

[Note] *Dedicated connection is a physical connection between the Direct Connect network port within the NHN Cloud location and a user’s network port. NHN Cloud secures and provides a dedicated line from the line provider of your choice.

[Note] **Hosted connection is a logical (VLAN) connection that you provision through the network environment of a partner providing Direct Connect. Customers can directly apply for the N/W partner's cloud platform.