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This guide describes how to use the NAT Gateway service from the console.

NAT Gateway

This function is only available in the Korea (Pangyo) and Korea (Pyeongchon) regions.

Create an NAT Gateway

Create an NAT gateway by setting the items below.

Item Description
Name You can specify the name of the NAT gateway.
VPC Specify the VPC in which to create the NAT gateway.
Subnet Specify a subnet among the subnets of the selected VPC, which is associated with the routing table with which the internet gateway is associated. You cannot create an NAT gateway with a subnet that does not satisfy the condition.
Floating IP Specify the floating IP to assign to the NAT gateway. When accessing the internet, this IP is translated to a source IP.
Description You can add a description for the NAT gateway.
  • You cannot change the VPC, subnet, and floating IP of an NAT gateway.
  • A floating IP set on an NAT gateway cannot be disassociated. When the NAT gateway is deleted, the floating IP is automatically disassociated.
  • You cannot access instances with an NAT gateway address.
  • Traffic that attempts a connection to an NAT gateway address from the outside is blocked.
  • Network ACLs are applied to the Korea (Pyeongchon) region.
  • The quota for NAT gateway is 3.

Configure a Route

  • If you configure a route in the routing table that specifies the NAT gateway as a gateway for a specific CIDR, the NAT gateway is used.
  • In instances connected to the routing table that has set the NAT gateway as a route, if the CIDR configured in the route is the destination, the source IP of the packet is converted to the floating IP of the NAT gateway.
  • A single NAT gateway can be specified as a gateway in multiple routing tables of the same VPC.
  • An NAT gateway can also be specified as a gateway in a routing table associated with a subnet that is different from the subnet specified when setting the NAT gateway.
  • You can specify multiple NAT gateways as a gateway in a single routing table by identifying the destination CIDR.
  • If you set the NAT gateway as a gateway for a route destination CIDR other than IP Prefix 0 (/0) in the route configuration, the communication will be performed through the NAT gateway even if the instance has a floating IP configured.

Configure a Network ACL

If you configure a network ACL for the VPC of the NAT gateway in the Korea (Pyeongchon) region, it will also be applied to the NAT gateway. How to configure a network ACL