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NHN Cloud provides network interface features.

The network interface is a logical network component of VPC that represents a virtual network card. It may include the following properties.

  • A private IP address in the address range of VPC.
  • Floating IP address
  • One or more security groups
  • Flag to check source/target [Korea (Pyeongchon), Korea (Pangyo) regions]
  • Connected devices
  • Name

Through network interface features,

  • Check the VPC, subnet, Floating ip, connected security group, connected device, status, etc., of the network interface at a glance.
  • Through changing the network interface, you can change the IP band to another subnet or set it to use a different security group.
  • In Korea (Pyeongchon) region, you can set whether to enable/disable the feature to check the source/target.