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Private DNS allows you to configure independent DNS per VPC. You can make DNS service accessible to instances within a VPC by configuring the settings in the web console, without separate DNS solutions or servers.

Main Features

  • Configures a separate DNS per VPC.
  • You don't need a separate DNS solution or server to configure DNS services accessible to instances within a VPC.
  • Connects one or more VPCs to one zone (domain area).
  • If you request for a zone from outside, you will not receive a response.
  • Instances within a VPC can receive responses to requests for domains registered through external organizations (e.g., as well as zones connected to the VPC.
  • For VPCs using Private DNS, a private IP DNS (local domain) is provided.
  • You can access instances within a VPC via private IP DNS without any separate configuration.

Service Targets

  • When you need to set up a domain accessible only within a VPC
  • When you need a setup to link with NHN Cloud services

Service Terms

Term Descriptions
Domain This is a way of representing the address that identify the computer on the network in a form that is easily recognizable by humans.
DNS Zone The domain zone of a host that DNS serves. It is a container for a set of records and contains how to route traffic for a domain and its subdomains.
Record set Host information served by DNS Zone, which is how to route traffic in domain.
Record set type It is a resource type indicating how traffic on the host is routed.
Record value This is to describes how to route traffic on a host, whose input depends on the type of record set (resource type) and can be registered with one or more except for a specific type.