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Private DNS allows you to configure independent DNS per VPC. You can make DNS service accessible to instances within a VPC by configuring the settings in the web console, without separate DNS solutions or servers.

Main Features

  • Configures a separate DNS per VPC.
  • You don't need a separate DNS solution or server to configure DNS services accessible to instances within a VPC.
  • Connects one or more VPCs to one zone (domain area).
  • If you request for a zone from outside, you will not receive a response.
  • Instances within a VPC can receive responses to requests for domains registered through external organizations (e.g., as well as zones connected to the VPC.
  • For VPCs using Private DNS, a private IP DNS (local domain) is provided.
  • You can access instances within a VPC via private IP DNS without any separate configuration.

[Note] Query usage generated for monitoring * Query usage generated by monitoring exists for Private DNS operations. This query usage is provided free of charge. * Query usage generated by monitoring is aggregated in the usage status.

Service Targets

  • When you need to set up a domain accessible only within a VPC
  • When you need a setup to link with NHN Cloud services

Service Terms

Term Descriptions
Private IP DNS The DNS hostname assigned to the network interface on an IP basis. The format is as follows.
ip-{Network interface IP}.{Region information}.nhncloud.internal
Domain This is a way of representing the address that identify the computer on the network in a form that is easily recognizable by humans.
DNS Zone The domain zone of a host that DNS serves. It is a container for a set of records and contains how to route traffic for a domain and its subdomains.
Record set Host information served by DNS Zone, which is how to route traffic in domain.
Record set type It is a resource type indicating how traffic on the host is routed.
Record value This is to describes how to route traffic on a host, whose input depends on the type of record set (resource type) and can be registered with one or more except for a specific type.