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The text message delivery system enables to send SMS, LMS, or MMS, schedule delivery, manage templates, and query history of deliveries. RESTful API is provided for easy integration.


  • Send SMS, LMS, and MMS.
  • SMS: 90 bytes, LMS: 2,000 bytes, MMS: 2,000 bytes + images
  • Support Mass Delivery
  • Enter the list of recipients in excel and send SMS in mass.
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Text messages at a time of choice.
  • Provide Replacement Tags
  • Send personalized SMS for each recipient by using replacement tags.
  • Support Templates
  • Register frequently-used SMS as templates.

Main Features

RESTful API is provided to send and query text messages from client's applications.
UIs are supported to send SMS, query delivery history, and manage templates.