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NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart

🍞📈 Spread your data on NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart. NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart is Beautiful Statistical Data Visualization library.

📦 Packages

The functionality of NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart is available when using the Plain JavaScript, React, Vue Component.

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😍 Why NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart?

Simple, Easy to Use, And It's Beautiful!

the NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart makes your data pop and presents it in a manner that is easy to understand. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of theme options for customizing the charts to be suitable for all of your services. Chart components like the title, axes, legends, tooltips, plots, series, and more can be customized through the options.


Variety of powerful features!


Add different options and animations according to the charts' sizes by using the responsive option.



Make the data presented in the Line, Area, and Treemap Charts zoomable with the zoomable option.


Live Update

View and manage new data as they are added realtime with the addData API and the options.series.shift option.

Area Line Heatmap
area live update line heatmap
LineArea Column ColumnLine
lineArea column columnline

Synchronize Tooltip

Use and synchronize the tooltip features at the moment the cursor hovers over the chart with the showTooltip API and the on custom event.


🎨 Features


The NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart provides many types of charts to visualize the various forms of data.

Area Line Bar Column
area chart line chart bar chart column chart
Bullet BoxPlot Treemap Heatmap
bullet chart boxplot chart treemap chart heatmap chart
Scatter Bubble Radar Pie
scatter chart bubble chart radar chart pie chart
LineArea LineScatter ColumnLine NestedPie
lineArea chart lineScatter chart columnLine chart nestedPie chart
RadialBar Gauge
radialBar chart gauge chart coming soon next

In addition, a variety of powerful features can be found on the demo page below. 👇👇👇

🐾 Examples

Here are more examples and play with NHN Cloud TOAST UI Chart!

🔧 Pull Request Steps

NHN Cloud TOAST UI products are open source, so you can create a pull request(PR) after you fix issues. Run npm scripts and develop yourself with the following process.


Fork main branch into your personal repository. Clone it to local computer. Install node modules. Before starting development, you should check to have any errors.

$ git clone{your-personal-repo}/tui.chart.git
$ npm install
$ cd apps/chart
$ npm install
$ npm run test


Let's start development! You can develop UI through webpack-dev-server or storybook, and you can write tests through Jest. Don't miss adding test cases and then make green rights.

Run webpack-dev-server

$ npm run serve

Run storybook

$ npm run storybook

Run test

$ npm run test

Pull Request

Before uploading your PR, run test one last time to check if there are any errors. If it has no errors, commit and then push it!

For more information on PR's steps, please see links in the Contributing section.

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This software is licensed under the MIT © NHN Cloud.