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With Corporation Search, the taxation type, new registration, and closure/cessation of business operations for business numbers, managed under the National Tax Service, can be queried through scraping modules, so as to integrate them with finance/tax/ERP system.
This service helps to process tax affairs more precisely, and enables to prevent potential damage incurred on taxpayers if their business counterparts are suspected of ceased or closed businesses or of simplified taxpayers who cannot issue tax invoices.

Service Configuration

Available Services

Service Description
Taxation information Types of business taxation (general/simplified/exempt)
Closure/Cessation of Business Operations If business is closed or ceased; and, dates of closure/cessation


  • Supports new registration of business numbers, or large-volume query of closure/cessation of business operations in excel files.
  • Easily available on various platforms, at the support of REST API.
  • Allows query of single cases in real time, as well as large-volume query of business customers, at the support of REST API.