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Word Suggestion is a service that corrects the words entered by the user and provides the results. The service offers a basic dictionary consisting of more than 70,000 most searched words, and can register up to 5000 words defined by the user.


Main Features

  • Correct Word
    • Provides corrected words for user-entered words by using the basic dictionary and user dictionary from the service.
      • Basic dictionary: Consisting of more than 70,000 words provided by the service.
        • Reflects words most searched by Koreans in shopping malls
      • User dictionary: Consisting of user-registered words
    • Word Correction Process
      • When the user dictionary is registered, performs correction on the user dictionary first and the basic dictionary and make suggestions. ※ The Word Suggestion service provides correction results for Korean and English words.
    • User Dictionary Management
      • Allows you to manage (register, modify, and delete) up to 5000 words with the words managed by the user.

Service Targets

  • When you need word optimization
  • When you need to build a service that needs word correction
  • When you need to suggest words for eCommerce services
  • When you are building a product search feature from clothing shopping malls
  • When you wish to improve user convenience through word suggestion