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On the back of years' of work experience and professional skills, App Security Check inspects and provides responsive means to security vulnerabilities of new or operating applications.


  • Secure stability in service with preemptive inspection and responsive measures, and remove potential weaknesses.
  • Take preemptive measures for security vulnerabilities so as to save maintenance costs.
  • Enhance corporate image by supplying customers with stable services.

Main Features

Manual and Automatic Checks

  • Provides quality service by using checklist-based manual inspection and analysis tool-based automatic inspection.

Inspection Items Considering Service Features

  • Inspects service in consideration of features of each service type (e.g. web or mobile).

Response for Vulnerabilities

  • Provides fundamental responses and sample codes for security weaknesses that are detected.


App Security Check is effective for the following cases:

  • To inspect new applications before release
  • To inspect applications that are under operations
  • To come up with security measures due to hacker's attack

Service Structure

App Security Check is structured as follows:

  1. User fills out information for service to inspect;
  2. Inspector is assigned for the application to execute manual or automatic inspection; and,
  3. When inspection is completed, user can check results that are registered.


For Reference

  • Reports on security inspection shall be stored for a month.