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DDoS Guard is a service which protects customer services by detecting or blocking external DDoS attacks in real time.

There are two types of DDoS Guard Service: Basic and Managed.

  • Basic: This is a service provided to all NHN Cloud users for free, which protects the services within the cloud from DDoS attack at the general network level.
  • Managed: This is a customized subscription service which provides enhanced protection features and offers specialized protection service for cloud customers who demand higher availability such as response to DDoS attacks in the manner of precise application, traffic learning, and selection of response method based on service traits and propagation of information about real-time attacks.

DDoS Guard features and benefits

  • Quickly detects and fends off DDoS attacks by inspecting all real-time inbound traffic.
  • Provides optimized protection against DDoS attacks with response policy and traffic learning features tailored to each customer.
  • Effectively blocks large volume attacks or attacks on the application hierarchy with multifactor response filter and validation features.
  • Depending on the customer traits, you can provide DDoS response method (always/manual/automatic) to operate flexibly response system.
  • Dedicated security control teams use constant monitoring (24 x 7) and status propagation to quickly identify the DDoS attack status.
  • Provides periodic reports about DDoS detection and response daily/monthly.

DDoS Guard key features


  • Monitors inbound traffic to cloud in real time
  • Responds to DDoS attacks to protect internal resources


  • Manages the customized DDoS policies
  • Sets the threshold based on the traffic learning
  • Defends applications from tiered attacks through validation
  • Allows automatic or manual response depending on the nature of the service
  • Propagates detailed information about DDoS attacks


  • Daily/monthly report