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Automatically indexes various types of logs, and provides the optimal UI for real time or term-based log analysis and maintenance.

Based on the type of license used, it can be used for performing the role of an integrated log system for logging compliance or analyzing security control or application by detecting connection between heterogeneous logs.

SIEM key features

Integrated logs

  • Integrated management of instance and application logs
  • Assigns log search permission according to accounts
  • Provides UI for log search in real time or for each period of time
  • Long-term storage of log data

Detects threats in real time

  • Detects threats through immediate automatic analysis of log and network flow

Correlation analysis

  • Performs correlation analysis of logs from heterogeneous systems and conducts alerts or actions according to the conditions

Managing compliance

  • Complies to internal organization policies and external rules using reports and templates written in advance