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Security Advisor checks the security setting status of NHN Cloud organization and project resources created by customers and provides recommendations.
You can utilize our recommended guides for a secure cloud environment.
Security Advisor is activated on a project basis, and activating the service in a specific region also activates the service in all other regions.
However, since the cloud services provided are different for each region, the inspection target and scope may vary.

Main Features

  • Inspects the governance settings of NHN Cloud organizations and applies recommended actions to improve the security of your cloud environment.
  • Checks long-term idle accounts in a NHN Cloud project and provides recommendations.
  • Checks security groups to confirm the security rules applied to instances.
  • Inspects access settings to RDS and blocks unnecessary access.
  • Provides periodic auto inspection and sends the result via email.

Target Resources and Supported Region

Supported Range for Selected Inspection per Region

Category Supported Region
Inspection Items by organization Korea (Pangyo) region, Korea (Pyeongchon) region, Japan (Tokyo) region, and USA (California) region
Inspection Items by project Korea (Pangyo) region, Korea (Pyeongchon) region, and Japan (Tokyo) region

Target Resources in Project Inspection Item for Selected Inspection Items

Category      Inspection Item Target Resources Notes
Project       Security Groups Instance, Security Groups Database Instance and NKS clusters are excluded
Project       Database Security Groups Database Instance(MS-SQL Instance, MySQL Instance, PostgreSQL Instance, CUBIRD Instance, MariaDB Instance, Tibero Instance, Redis Instance), Security Groups
Project            RDS Access Control            RDS for MySQL, RDS for MariaDB, RDS for MS-SQL Inspection is only available in Korea (Pangyo) region because RDS for MariaDB and RDS for MS-SQL are available in the Pangyo region.

Roles for Project Members

Security Advisor is a project service. Project managers can grant roles to NHN Cloud members or IAM members registered in the project.

Service Role Description
Security Advisor ADMIN You can manage all services of Security Advisor.
Create, Read, Update, Delete the Security Advisor service

You can use all the features provided by the Security Advisor service.
- View dashboard, save to Excel
- Selected inspection, view inspection item basic information, view detected resources, selected exception of detected resources, view excepted resources, disable exception of resources
- Result reception settings, auto inspection settings
PERMISSION You can enable or disable the Security Advisor service.
- Service Enable, Disable
VIEWER You can check the Security Advisor service inspection results.
- View dashboard, download Excel
- View inspection item basic information, view detected resources, view excepted resources
* The 'Settings' screen is not provided for the VIEWER role.

Service Usage Procedures

Service Activation Procedure

Log in to NHN Cloud with an account that has permissions to activate services. In the Security category, click Security Advisor to enable the service. Image 1

Service Deactivation Procedure

Log in to NHN Cloud with an account that has permissions to activate services. Click the gear icon next to the project name to go to Project Management. Click Disable for Security Advisor from Services in Use to terminate the service. Image 2