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With recognized solutions of Deep Security by Trend Micro, users are protected on their servers against malicious codes.

Main Features

  • Provide free services for operating management servers, setting policy, and handling exceptional cases.
  • Check status information of vaccine event detection on the service page.
  • Receive status information of vaccine event detection by email.
  • Support Windows and Linux OS.
  • Block and isolate detected malware.
  • Block access of malicious websites.
  • Enable real-time inspection and manual scanning.
  • Provide most up-to-date detection patterns.

Operating Services (9 to 6, Weekdays)

  • Allow exception handling for particular files or folders.
  • Provide supportive service when it fails to install agents.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding vaccine event detection.
  • Provide pattern updates and file restoration, if normal files are wrongly reported.
  • Provide solution guides and technical support if an instance does not operate properly due to vaccine issues.
    • For more details on solutions and technical guides, see User Guide.

Special Features

  • The Vaccine Service is available only on instances which can access external network.
  • To replicate instance images, it is recommended to delete vaccine agents first and create images.
    • Otherwise, vaccines for the origin and replicated instances may not operate properly.
    • See User Guide on how to use replications, including vaccine agents.
  • Regarding the use of vaccines by auto scale, contact Customer Center.

Service Structure