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WEB Firewall is comprised of Self-Service and Managed Service.
With Self-Service, users can implement WEB Firewall on their own; Managed Service supports professional engineers in the operation of WEB Firewall and security surveillance. The WEB Firewall service is configured in the user's cloud environment, as a standalone operating environment.
You can use the web firewall service by selecting either Penta Security (WAPPLES SA) or PIOLINK (WEBFRONT-KS).

Main Features

  • Self-Service
    • Provides WEB Firewall images and operating guides for customers to implement and operate on their own.
  • Managed Service
    • Operates WEB Firewall and security surveillance at the support of professional engineers.
    • Allows fast response to security incidents with security provider's around-the-clock surveillance services.
    • Provides real-time fault monitoring and response service.
    • Provides events and processing status of WEB Firewall and security surveillance on console.
    • Manages patches and pattern updates on a regular basis.
  • Serves as Standalone Environment with WEB Firewall Configured in User's Cloud Area
    • WEB Firewall instance is created in user's cloud infrastructure area, which ensures independent operations and security.
  • Security and Stability Ensured with Verified Solutions
    • Protects from various types of threats with near-perfect solutions to OWASP TOP 10 and 8 vulnerabilities of National Intelligence Service.
    • Ensures product stability, in compliance with regulations including GS Certificate, PCI-DSS Certificate, and CC Certificate.

WEB Firewall Service Configuration

  • External web application threatening traffic and external information leakage can be blocked to protect web servers.
  • WEB Firewall operates in the proxy mode ahead of a web server to monitor all web traffic.

※ To lead domain traffic you want to protect to go through WEB Firewall, change your DNS settings into WEB Firewall IP.
※ To prevent potential service failure, it is recommended to configure Active-Active web firewall by using load balancer. ※ Service support from security surveillance center is available when Managed Service is applied.