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The WEB Firewall Managed service provides service operations and 24/7 security surveillance.

To enable WEB Firewall, login to NHN Cloud Console and click Security > WEB Firewall on the service list.

Service Application and Release

webfirewall_console_guide_managed_210625.png webfirewall_console_guide_managed_210625.png

Apply for Service

  1. Go to Managed under Pricing on the WEB Firewall console, and click Apply for Service
  2. Select Product Information from the the Managed service pop-up.
  3. Then, you will be contacted by a professional engineer who provides operations and security surveillance services.


  • To release the service, contact Surveillance Center.

How to Create and Configure

1. Security Consultation

  • After service is applied, professional engineers contact customers for consultation.

2. WEB Firewall Configuration

  • WEB Firewall is created and configured by professional engineers based on the consultation.
  • All operational tasks, including requirements, security policy setting, and log integration with surveillance center, are supported.
  • When the configuration is completed, a learning process continues for a week or two, to analyze traffic.

Enable Service

  • You can find events and their processing status on the page of WEB Firewall.
    • Only data for the last 1 year can be searched from the event processing status list.
  • Regarding event processing status, you may be contacted by mail or phone for urgency.