WEBFRONT-KS is web security solution developed by PIOLINK that uses various detection techniques to respond to intelligent and advanced web attacks.

Main Features

  • Web traffic protection features
    • Blocks malicious requests by inspecting web service request traffic.
    • Prevents web tampering and leaks of sensitive personal information by inspecting web service response traffic.
  • Learning features
    • Allows you to easily apply security policies by learning web traffic.
  • Load balancing features
    • Provides L7-based load-balancing mode to protect multiple web servers with a single web firewall.
    • Provides reliable service by arranging load balancing based on the state of web server without configuring a separate load balancer.
  • High-performance traffic handling
    • High-performance design provides reliable throughput even in the event of high traffic, such as DDoS attacks.
  • Masking features
    • Prevents web server URL information leakage by masking URL response information.
    • Prevents web server key information leakage by masking web server response information.
  • REST-API support
    • Equipment can be set up and monitored through REST-API, allowing flexible management.