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Supports a variety of ways to safely migrate client data to an external cloud or to safely migrate the data from external cloud to NHN Cloud.

Key features

  • Provides custom migration modes that fit the environment of clients.
  • Data can be safely migrated to an external cloud.
  • The data can be NHN Cloud migrated from an external cloud to NHN Cloud (to be supported later).
  • Data can be safely migrated using networks and mobile mass storage devices (currently supports only networks).
  • When necessary, data can be migrated with the technical support of NHN Cloud (Separate fee is charged).

Service target

  • To switch from NHN Cloud to an external cloud service
  • To switch from an external cloud service to NHN Cloud (will be supported in the future)
  • To safely migrate large data

Service process procedure

Service Process Procedure

1. Sign up for service

Fill the Query form in the Sign up for Service page, including the items below:

  • Projects to migrate
  • Name and contact information of the person in charge of migration
  • Whether the client requested NHN Cloud's technical support service (separately charged)

2. Submit service registration

3. Determine the network connection most appropriate for the client's environment

  • NHN Cloud suggests the method optimal in the network environments provided by the company

4. Configure VPN

5. Migrate data using the provided VPN network

  • Clients proceeds with data migration using the provided VPN network
  • NHN Cloud's engineers assist the migration process if the company requests the tech support

6. Complete migration and disconnect VPN

  • Disconnects the configured VPN when the migration is complete after consulting with the person in charge of the migration