Storage > NAS (offline) > Console Guide

[Notice] NAS Volume can only be mounted on servers within the NHN cloud platform infrastructure. It is configured to communicate with private IP and is not accessible from outside.

Apply for NAS

  1. Go to Storage > NAS (offline) and click Apply for Product Use.

  2. Complete application forms:

    • Volume Name
      • Enter a name with less than 8 characters in combination of alphabet and numbers: an actual NAS Volume is created with this name.
    • VPC & Subnet
      • NAS will be connected to this network.
    • Application Size (GB)
      • NAS requires at least 300 GB. Choose a value between 300GB and 10,000GB with the slider.
    • Use Snapshot
      • Snapshot data will take space in NAS volume. To perform recovery through snapshot, please contact administrator.
  3. When NAS Volume is completely created, an email notification will be sent.

Increase or Delete Volume

You can increase or delete NAS volume. Increasing is available only when the NAS status is Application Received, or In Service.

To increase volume:

  1. Click Increase Volume.

  2. Enter volume information to add in the dialogue box and click Confirm.

To delete:

  1. Click Delete Volume.

  2. Check volume information to delete in the dialogue box and click Confirm.

Attach Volume

Install nfs Package

  • Debian, Ubuntu: nfs-common, rpcbind
    sudo apt-get install nfs-common rpcbind
  • CentOS: nfs-utils, rpcbind
    sudo yum install nfs-utils rpcbind

Run rpcbind Service

sudo service rpcbind start

Mount NAS Volume

sudo mount -t nfs {nas source} {mount point}
  • NAS Source: NAS volume information e.g)
  • Mount Point: Directory to mount NAS volume
    e.g) /mnt