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With NAS, data sharing becomes easier by connecting a shared storage to an instance.


NAS (Network Attached Storage)

A file-level data storage device connected to a computer network which provides control of access by heterogeneous clients.


A logical unit of data storage space of NAS. An instance can mount NAS volume to save or read data.


A backup of NAS volume as reference of data duplication of a time. With snapshot, data can be recovered to a particular point in time.
NAS service allows saving a snapshot per day, for three times, and data may be reverted back to records of three days before.
However, saving snapshots may not be used, as it uses a part of NAS volume.



NAS volume can be mounted to more than one instance. Supported Protocol: NFS v3(Linux)


No additional file system configuration is required as file-level volume is mounted.


Even while NAS volume is used, storage volume can be scaled up or down.


Accessing NAS volume is made via a project network, which is isolated from a different project network.