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NAS offers easy data sharing by attaching shared storage to instances.

[Note] The NAS service is only available in Korea (Pangyo) and Korea (Pyeongchon) regions as of March 2023.



You can mount NAS storage on one or more instances for use. Supported protocols: NFS v3 (Linux)


Mounting of file-level storage removes the need for additional file system configuration.


Storage capacity can be scaled up and down even while using in use.


NAS storage is isolated from other projects’ networks because it is accessed through a project’s network.


NAS (network-attached storage)

A file-level storage device connected to a computer network that can control access to data from other clients.


Logical storage space of NAS that keeps data.
Data can be stored or read by mounting NAS storage on instances.


A read-only copy of NAS storage, which refers to a backup of NAS storage. Snapshots allow you to restore data to a point in time. In the NAS service, users can specify a point in time to create snapshots automatically once per day. However, storing snapshots consumes NAS storage space, so it can be disabled if not needed.