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Supported Environment

  • Android 4.0.3 or higher
  • The latest version of Android Studio (version 2.2 or higher)

NHN Cloud SDK Components

NHN Cloud SDK for Android consists of the following:

You can selectively apply the required feature among the services provided by NHN Cloud SDK.

Gradle Dependency Service
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-common:1.9.0 Common
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-core:1.9.0 Core
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-logger:1.9.0 Log & Crash
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-crash-reporter-ndk:1.9.0 Native Crash Reporter
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-iap-core:1.9.0 In-app Purchase Core
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-iap-google:1.9.0 In-app Purchase
Google Play Store
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-iap-onestore:1.9.0 In-app Purchase
ONE store
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-iap-galaxy:1.9.0 In-app Purchase
Galaxy Store
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-push-core:1.9.0 Push Core
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-push-fcm:1.9.0 Push
Firebase Cloud Messaging
com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-creditcard-recognizer:1.9.0 Credit Card Recognizer

Apply NHN Cloud SDK to Android Studio Projects

1. Build Android with Gradle

To use all NHN Cloud SDK services, set dependency as shown below.

If you are using Unity, separate dependency setting is required. For more details, see Guide for Unity.

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.nhncloud.android:nhncloud-sdk:1.9.0'

The following describes how to set dependency for each product of NHN Cloud SDK.

2. Build Android with AAR

Android SDK can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Set User ID

User ID can be set for NHN Cloud SDK. The configured User ID is commonly used in each module of NHN Cloud SDK. Whenever Log Sending API of NhnCloudLogger is called, the configured User ID is sent to a server along with logs.

Specification for User ID Setting API

/* NhnCloudSdk.java */
public static void setUserId(String userId);
userId String: User ID

Example of User ID Setting


// Login.


// Logout.

Set Debug Mode

To check internal logs of NHN Cloud SDK, the debug mode can be set. When you make an inquiry regarding NHN Cloud SDK, sending the logs with the debug mode enabled can be helpful for faster response.

Specification for Debug Mode Setting API

/* NhnCloudSdk.java */
public static void setDebugMode(boolean debug);
debug boolean: true to enable debug mode, false otherwise.

Usage Example of Debug Mode Setting

Enable Debug Mode

// Enable debug mode.

Disable Debug Mode

// Disable debug mode.

[Caution] The debug mode must be disabled before releasing an app.

Use NHN Cloud Services