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Definition of Reserved Fields

Reserved fields refer to field names which are defined and used within NHN Cloud SDK. To use reserved fields in NHN Cloud SDK, 'reserved_" is added to a field name. Inspection conditions of a reserved field regard to comparing character strings, regardless of the letter case.

Usage Example of Reserved Fields

  • When the letter case is same as in reserved fields
sendTime -> reserved_sendTime

  • When the letter case is not same as in reserved fields

List of Reserved Fields

Key Description
projectName Project name
projectVersion Project version
logVersion Log Sending API version
logType Log type
logSource Log source
logLevel Log level
body Messages
sendTime Log sending time
createTime Log creation time
lncBulkIndex Log sending order
transactionID Original log number
DeviceModel Device model
Carrier Carrier information
CountryCode Country information
Platform Platform information
NetworkType Network type
DeviceID Device identification number
SessionID Session ID
launchedID Original app installation number
UserID User ID
SdkVersion SDK version
CrashStyle Crash occurrence language
SymMethod Crash interpretation method
dmpData Crash information
FreeMemory Free memory
FreeDiskSpace Free disk space
SinkVersion Database saving module version
errorCode Error code
crashMeta Crash metadata
SymResult Crash analysis result
ExceptionType Crash type
Location Crash occurrence location
lncIssueID Issue ID