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A region refers to the physical location of an independent and geologically separated server. Generally, a region is comprised of a standalone power, the so-called available area, and datacenter equipped with a network, and the user may select a region depending on the region and service. Feel free to select your region anytime and anywhere to enjoy NHN Cloud services.

NHN Cloud Regions

NHN Cloud operates four regions to provide stable global services. To support for high availability, an application must be deployed to many available areas or multiple regions. NHN Cloud users are allowed to select regions depending on the service area and purpose, but recommended to select those regions where service targets are mainly located so as to get fast response.

Location of TOAT Regions

NHN Cloud is expanding its regions to make its service globally available.

NHN Cloud Regional Service

Regional Service Regional Service refers to services that are provided only for particular regions due to restrictions in infrastructure and service content of eacy country/region/law/product. The service is also provided to serve at different physical locations or to enable redundant data configuration. Regional service is available only for a specific region, and each region may provide different pricing policy.

Global Service Global Service refers to services that are available throughout all regions. All users are provided with the same features, policy, stability and usability, by selecting all regions.

Globally/Regionally Available Services

Category Service Name Global/Regional Service Korea(Pangyo) Region Korea(Pyeongchon) Region Japan(Tokyo) Region US(California) Region
Compute Instance Regional O O O O
Ephemeral Storage Instance Regional O O
GPU Instance Region O
Bare Metal Instance Regional O
Instance Template Region O O O O
Image Region O O O O
Image Builder Region O O
Auto Scale Region O O O O
Virtual Desktop Regional O O
Container NHN Kubernetes Service(NKS) Regional O O
NHN Container Registry (NCR) Regional O O
NHN Container Service(NCS) Regional O
Network VPC Region O O O O
NAT Instance Regional O O
Floating IP Regional O O O O
Security Groups Regional O O O O
Network ACL Regional O O
Network Interface Regional O O O O
Shared Load Balancer Regional O O O O
Dedicated Load Balancer Regional O O O O
Physical Load Balancer Regional O O
NAT Instance Regional O
Transit Hub Regional O O
Internet Gateway Regional O O O O
Peering Gateway Regional O O O O
Colocation Gateway Regional O O
NAT Gateway Regional O O
VPN Gateway(Site-to-Site VPN) Regional O
Service Gateway Regional O O
Traffic Mirroring Regional O O
Private DNS Regional O O
DNS Plus Global
Direct Connect Regional O O
Storage Block Storage Regional O O O O
NAS (offline) Regional O O O
NAS Regional O O
Object Storage Regional O O O O
Backup Regional O O O
Data transporter Regional O O
Database RDS for MySQL Regional O O O
RDS for PostgreSQL Regional O
RDS for MariaDB Regional O
RDS for MS-SQL Regional O
EasyCache Regional O O
MS-SQL Instance Regional O O O O
MySQL Instance Regional O O O O
PostgreSQL Instance Regional O O O O
CUBRID Instance Regional O O O O
MariaDB Instance Regional O O O O
Tibero Instance Regional O O O O
Redis Instance Regional O O O O
Monitoring System Monitoring Region O O O O
Service Monitoring Global
Cloud Monitoring Global
Hybrid & Private Cloud NHN Hybrid Cloud Regional O
NHN Private Cloud Regional - - - -
Game Gamebase Global
GameAnvil Global
GameStarter Global
Leaderboard Global
Launching Global
Smart Downloader Global
Security NHN AppGuard Global
App Security Check Regional O
Server Security Check Regional O O
Security Monitoring Regional O O
Basic Security Regional O O
CAPTCHA Regional O
Web Firewall Regional O O
Vaccine Regional O O
Secure Key Manager Global
Security Compliance Global
DDoS Guard Regional O O
SIEM Global
Webshell Threat Detector Regional O O
Security Advisor Global
Network Firewall Regional O O
Content Delivery CDN Global
Image Manager Regional O
Notification Push Global
SMS Global
RCS Bizmessage Global
Email Global
KakaoTalk Bizmessage Global
AI Service Face Recognition Global
AI Fashion Global
OCR Global
Text to Speech Global
Speech to Text Global
Pose Estimation Global
Machine Learning Deep Learning Instance Regional O
AI EasyMaker Regional O
Application Service Maps Regional O
ROLE Global
API Gateway Regional O O
RTCS Global
ShortURL Global
JEUS Instance Regional O O O O
WebtoB Instance Regional O O O O
Mobile Service IAP Global
Search Cloud Search Regional O
Autocomplete Regional O
Corporation Search Regional O
Word Suggestion Global
Data & Analytics Log & Crash Search Global
DataFlow Regional O
DataQuery Regional O
Kafka Instance Regional O O O O
Dev Tools Pipeline Regional O
Deploy Global
Management Managed Regional O O
Support Plan Regional O O
Certificate Manager Global
Bill eTax Regional O
Dooray! Project Global
Messenger Global
Mail Global
Calendar Global
Drive Global
Contacts Global
Wiki Global
Dooray! | ERP Human resources Regional O
Finance Regional O
Dooray! | Groupware Communication Board Regional O
Workflow Regional O
Contact Center Omni Contact Regional O
Mobile Contact Regional O
Online Contact Global
IDC NCC Regional O
Governance & Audit CloudTrail Global
Resource Watcher Global