AI Service > Pose Estimation > 오류 코드

resultCode resultKey resultMessage
0 SUCCESS Success
-1 FAIL Unknown error.
400 BAD_REQUEST Bad Request
401 UNAUTHORIZED Unauthorized
403 FORBIDDEN Forbidden
404 NOT_FOUND Not Found
405 METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED Method Not Allowed
415 UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE Unsupported Media Type
4000001 INVALID_PARAMETER Invalid parameter.
4000002 MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE_EXCEEDED Max upload file size exceeded.
4000003 INVALID_FILE_TYPE Invalid file type.
4000004 UPLOADED_FILE_IS_EMPTY Uploaded file is empty.
4010001 INVALID_APPKEY_SECRETKEY Invalid appKey or secretKey.
4010002 INVALID_UUID Invalid uuid.
4010003 NOT_ALLOWED_USER Not allowed user.
4010004 INVALID_PROJECT Invalid project.
4010005 UNAUTHORIZED_ROLE Unauthorized role.
5000001 INTERNAL_API_FAIL Internal Api fail.
5000002 ERROR_PARSING_FAIL Error parsing fail.
5000003 DATABASE_FAIL Database server error.
5000004 RESOURCE_DELETE_FAIL All or some resource delete fail.
5000005 FILE_READ_FAIL File read fail.
5003001 POSE_ESTIMATION_API_FAIL Pose Estimation Api fail.
5003002 POSE_ESTIMATION_API_RETURN_EMPTY Pose Estimation Api returned empty body.
5003003 POSE_ESTIMATION_RECOGNITION_FAIL Pose Estimation failed to recognize the image.