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Android Notification Icon

For the icon displayed when a push notification arrives, the app icon is used by default.

However, a push icon on Android is displayed correctly only if the icon uses a solid color image with an alpha area applied. Material Design Guide - Android Notification [LINK]

Since the icon size is also fixed by device resolution, please refer to the following to prepare a push icon.

  • MDPI - 24 x 24 (drawable-mdpi)
  • HDPI - 36 x 36 (drawable-hdpi)
  • XHDPI - 48 x 48 (drawable-xhdpi)
  • XXHDPI - 72 x 72 (drawable-xxhdpi)
  • XXXHDPI - 96 x 96 (drawable-xxxhdpi)

Push icon file names cannot include spaces, uppercase English characters, and special characters.

You need to set default_small_icon (AndroidManifest.xml) or setSmallIconName (API) by referring to the following Notification Options guide. Game > Gamebase > Android SDK User Guide > Getting Started > Setting > AndroidManifest.xml > Notification Options Game > Gamebase > Android SDK User Guide > Push > Notification Options > Set Notification Options with RegisterPush in Runtime

Register Push

Call the following API to register the user for NHN Cloud Push.
Get the values of consent to receiving push (enablePush), consent to receiving advertisement push (enableAdPush), and consent to receiving night-time advertisement push (enableAdNightPush) from the user, and call the following API to complete the registration.


It is recommended to call the registerPush API every time after logging in because the push settings may be different for each UserID and the push token may expire.


+ (void)Gamebase.Push.registerPush(@NonNull Activity activity,
                                   @NonNull PushConfiguration configuration,
                                   @NonNull GamebaseCallback callback);
+ (void)Gamebase.Push.registerPush(@NonNull Activity activity,
                                   @NonNull PushConfiguration configuration,
                                   @NonNull GamebaseNotificationOptions notificationOptions,
                                   @NonNull GamebaseCallback callback);


boolean enablePush;
boolean enableAdPush;
boolean enableAdNightPush;

PushConfiguration configuration = PushConfiguration.newBuilder()

Gamebase.Push.registerPush(activity, configuration, new GamebaseCallback() {
    public void onCallback(GamebaseException exception) {
        if (Gamebase.isSuccess(exception)) {
            // Succeeded.
        } else {
            // Failed.

Notification Options

  • You can use the Notification Options to change how the notification will be displayed in the device.
  • Notification Options can be changed by setting it to AndroidManifest.xml or calling the registerPush API at runtime.

Set Notification Options with AndroidManifest.xml

Notification options can be set by defining them to AndroidManifest.xml.
To find out how to set the options, see the following guide:

Game > Gamebase > Android SDK User Guide > Getting Started > Setting > AndroidManifest.xml > Notification Options

Set Notification Options with RegisterPush in Runtime

You can also set the notification options at runtime without defining them in AndroidManifest.xml, or you can change the value set in AndroidManifest.xml at runtime as well. When calling the registerPush API, add the GamebaseNotificationOptions argument to set the notification options. If you pass the call results for the Gamebase.Push.getNotificationOptions() with the argument of the GamebaseNotificationOptions.newBuilder(), the builder initialized with the current notification options is created. Thus, you can just change the necessary values.
The following settings are available:

API Parameter Description
enableForeground boolean Expose the notifications when the app is in the foreground status
default: false
enableBadge boolean Use the badge icon
default: true
setPriority int Notification priority. You can set the following five values:
NoticationComapt.PRIORITY_MIN : -2
NoticationComapt.PRIORITY_LOW : -1
NoticationComapt.PRIORITY_DEFAULT : 0
NoticationComapt.PRIORITY_HIGH : 1
NoticationComapt.PRIORITY_MAX : 2
default: NoticationComapt.HIGH
setSmallIconName String Small icon file name for notification.
If disabled, app icon is used.
default: null
setSoundFileName String Notification sound file name. Works only in AOS 8.0 or earlier.
The notification sound will change as you specify the .mp3 or .wav file name in the 'res/raw' folder.
default: null


boolean enableForeground;
boolean enableBadge;
// NotificationCompat.PRIORITY_MIN     : -2
// NotificationCompat.PRIORITY_LOW     : -1
// NotificationCompat.PRIORITY_DEFAULT :  0
// NotificationCompat.PRIORITY_HIGH    :  1
// NotificationCompat.PRIORITY_MAX     :  2
int priority;
String smallIconName;
String soundFileName;

GamebaseNotificationOptions currentOptions = Gamebase.Push.getNotificationOptions(activity);
GamebaseNotificationOptions notificationOptions = GamebaseNotificationOptions.newBuilder(currentOptions)

Gamebase.Push.registerPush(activity, pushConfiguration, notificationOptions, new GamebaseCallback() {
    public void onCallback(GamebaseException exception) {
        if (Gamebase.isSuccess(exception)) {
            // Succeeded.
        } else {
            // Failed.

Get NotificationOptions

Retrieves the notification options value which was set previously when registering the push notification. Retrieves the most recent settings by including the value set in AndroidManifest.xml and the value which was changed at runtime.


+ (GamebaseNotificationOptions)Gamebase.Push.getNotificationOptions(@NonNull Context context);

Request Push Settings

To retrieve user's push setting, apply API as below.
From GamebasePushTokenInfo callback values, you can get user's value set.


+ (void)Gamebase.Push.queryTokenInfo(@NonNull Activity activity,
                                     @NonNull GamebaseDataCallback<GamebasePushTokenInfo> callback);

// Legacy API
+ (void)Gamebase.Push.queryPush(@NonNull Activity activity,
                                @NonNull GamebaseDataCallback<PushConfiguration> callback);


Gamebase.Push.queryTokenInfo(activity, new GamebaseDataCallback<PushConfiguration>() {
    public void onCallback(GamebasePushTokenInfo data, GamebaseException exception) {
        if (Gamebase.isSuccess(exception)) {
            // Succeeded.
            boolean enablePush = data.agreement.pushEnabled;
            boolean enableAdPush = data.agreement.adAgreement;
            boolean enableAdNightPush = data.agreement.adAgreementNight;
            String token = data.token;
        } else {
            // Failed.


Parameter Values Description
pushType String Push token type
token String Token
userId String User ID
deviceCountryCode String Country code
timezone String Standard timezone
registeredDateTime String Token update time
languageCode String Language settings
agreement GamebasePushAgreement Opt in


Parameter Values Description
pushEnabled boolean Opt in to display notifications
adAgreement boolean Opt in to display advertisement notifications
adAgreementNight boolean Opt in to display night advertisement notifications

Event Handling

Error Handling

Error Error Code Description
PUSH_EXTERNAL_LIBRARY_ERROR 5101 Error in NHN Cloud Push library.
Please check the error details.
PUSH_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS_ERROR 5102 Previous push API call has not been completed.
Please call again after the previous push API callback is executed.
PUSH_UNKNOWN_ERROR 5999 Unknown push error.
Please upload the entire logs to Customer Center, and we'll respond ASAP.


  • The error is returned when an error occurs in NHN Cloud Push library.
  • The information on the error in NHN Cloud Push library is included in the error details, and you can find detailed error code and message as follows.
Gamebase.Push.registerPush(activity, pushConfiguration, new GamebaseCallback() {
    public void onCallback(GamebaseException exception) {
        if (Gamebase.isSuccess(exception)) {
            Log.d(TAG, "Register push successful");
        } else {
            Log.e(TAG, "Register push failed");

            // Gamebase Error Info
            int errorCode = exception.getCode();
            String errorMessage = exception.getMessage();

            if (errorCode == GamebaseError.PUSH_EXTERNAL_LIBRARY_ERROR) {
                // TOAST Push Error Info
                int moduleErrorCode = exception.getDetailCode();
                String moduleErrorMessage = exception.getDetailMessage();

  • The NHN Cloud Push SDK error codes are as follows:
Error Error Code Description
OK 0 API call is successful
NOT_INITIALIZE 100 NHN Cloud SDK or NHN Cloud Push SDK is not initialized
PROVIDER_SDK_ERROR 101 Error occurs from external SDK (Firebase or Tencent)
USER_ID_NOT_REGISTERED 102 Not logged in
UNSUPPORTED_PUSH_TYPE 103 PushType is invalid or push library is not included to a project
API_SERVER_ERROR 104 NHN Cloud Push server API call fails
TOKEN_NOT_REGISTERED 105 Internally-cached push token does not exist
INVALID_PARAMETER 106 Invalid parameter