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Error Codes

Below table describes resultCode and resultMessage at the header/body in the Response body. If resultCode at the header displays HTTP error codes, not like below, see the [Note] link at the bottom.

Result Code Result Code(Hex) Result Message Description
0 0x00000000 LEADERBOARD_SUCCESS Successfully requested.
1 0x00000001 LEADERBOARD_SUCCESS_BUT_NOT_UPDATE Requested successfully, but not updated since data is same as before.
459777 0x00070401 LEADERBOARD_ERROR_APPKEY_VERIFIER AppKey authentication failed.
462849 0x00071001 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_INITIALIZE Initialization failed.
462850 0x00071002 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_NOT_EXIST_USER Unregistered user.
462851 0x00071003 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_NOT_EXIST_FACTOR Unregistered factor.
462852 0x00071004 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_NOT_EXIST_APPKEY Unregistered Appkey.
462853 0x00071005 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_TOO_BIG_EXTRA Limit in the length of extra data exceeded.
462854 0x00071006 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_WRONG_RANGE Invalid range.
462855 0x00071007 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_WRONG_PARAM Invalid parameter.
462856 0x00071008 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_WRONG_PATH Character missing in the URI; parameter missing.
462857 0x00071009 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_TOO_BIG_SIZE Exceeded request size.
463000 0x00071098 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_SYSTEM Error in system.
463001 0x00071099 LEADERBOARD_AP_ERROR_UNKOWN Unidentified error.

[Note] For more information on other general error codes, see the link: