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This document explains how to integrate with the Epic Games Store (Epic). For more information on releasing products to Epic, see Epic Developer Resources .

Connect Epic Project

For information on integration, see the Epic Dev Portal. The environments Epic provides for product release are as follows.

Epic sandbox environment

  • Epic basically provides three sandboxes: Dev, Stage, and Live, and developers can create a deploy under each sandbox.
  • Gamebase is mapped to deploys created in Epic's sandbox, and the Store APP ID to be used in app information is the Deploy ID.

Create Deploy

  • Create a deploy in the Product Settings > Sandbox menu.

Create an epic deploy

Create Client

  • In order for Gamebase to communicate with Epic, Epic's OAuth client is required.
  • You can create a client to use for Gamebase in the Product Settings > Client menu.

    Create a client policy first before creating a client.

  • To create a client, must create the policy to be applied to the client first.

  • Set the client policy name as a random name.
  • For the client policy type, select TrustedServer.
  • The feature is not required by Gamebase, so it is not selected.

Create an Epic Client Policy

  • After adding the client policy, create a client.

Create an Epic Client

Check Deploy and Client Information

  • The created deploy and client information can be checked in the Product Settings > SDK Download and Credentials menu.

Epic App Information

  • Register the deploy ID, client ID, client secret key, and sandbox ID in the Gamebase store information.

Epic Store Registration

Connect Item (Offers)

  • Epic items are managed through offers.
  • Offers are divided into ones you own, such as editions and demos, and consumable offers you consume after purchase.
  • In Gamebase, only consumable offers are managed as items.

Register Offers

  • Register an offer in the Epic Games Store > Offers menu.
  • Select consumable for offer type.

Register Epic Offer Register Epic Offer

Check Item ID and Register Item

  • You can check the item ID in the offer details after registering.
  • In the ID item, register the Target Item ID as the Store Item ID of the Gamebase.

Register Epic Item Register Epic Item