NHN Cloud > Overview

NHN Cloud is an “integrated cloud service” provided by NHN Cloud, which provides everything necessary for your business operation and service development.


  • It is an easy-to-use cloud service for anyone.
  • It provides convenient infrastructure and platform so that you can focus on development.
  • You can use the service with a simple click on a web browser.
  • You can use the infrastructure and platform at a reasonable cost.

Composed of Various Services

  • We provide various services required for infrastructure, development, test, operations and technology support, and running a business.
  • From internal messenger and project management, to HR/finance/resource management, services are available for IT infrastructure of a company.
  • The urban data center, designed on its own technology and established in Pangyo, provides optimized operational efficiency.

Platform-oriented Cloud

  • The cloud service is platform-oriented based on infrastructure.
  • Functions required to operate infrastructure, content, analysis, games, security, alarm messages, and other applications are provided.
  • Functions required to develop and operate applications are provided.
  • Companies are supported for easy development in the cloud environment.

Reasonable Prices

  • You'll be charged by pay-as-you-go. (Some services are charged by basic flat rate.)
  • Contract-based pricing plan provides more discount benefits.
  • Complementary services are free-of-charge.

Powerful Technology Support

  • Stable services are ensured with experienced IT operations accumulated for over a decade with Hangame, Bugs, and PAYCO services.
  • Consulting service is provided to establish plans to introduce the cloud environment.
  • Professional engineers are supported 24/7.

Service Targets

  • Companies in need of 1:1 technical consulting due to difficulties in the buildup of infrastructure
  • Private or public businesses for which security is on top of priority
  • Companies wanting to efficiently make use of infrastructure
  • Mid-and large-size shopping mall owners
  • Businesses in need of integrated messaging services, including SMS, Push and email

Service Composition

Service Description
Compute With on-demand infrastructure based on OpenStack, apply infrastructure resources as much as required at affordable prices.
Container A service that automates distribution, scaling, and containerized application management based on an open source container orchestration engine.
Network Build virtual private network and provide public IP which is accessible from outside.
Storage The storage service has high availability and stability.
Database With no need of complicated installation or setting, relational database is made available in the cloud environment.
Hybrid & Private Cloud NHN Private Cloud is a service for building hybrid and private clouds.
Game Useful platforms are supported for game development.
Security Security can be enhanced through the platforms.
Content Delivery Image saving and fast content distribution are available.
Notification Mobile Push and SMS Platform services are provided.
AI Service You can easily and conveniently build AI Service powered by the latest cutting-edge technologies.
Machine Learning Services for developing machine learning applications.
Application Service Various tools are supported for web/app services.
Mobile Service Developing and testing mobile app services are made more easily.
Search Up-to-date data are always available through different search services.
Data & Analytics Platforms for data analysis and collection are supported.
Dev Tools Convenient and efficient development environment is provided.
Management Professional engineers with the highest technical skills provide systematic server management, while customers can focus more on content development.
Bill With the Bill service, it is easy and convenient to get a tax invoice.
Dooray! Convenient tools of collaboration are supported, including mail, issue tracker, schedule management, and chatting.
ERP Hands-on enterprise resource management solution is provided incorporating accounting, HR, and settlement.
Contact Center An integrated solution for call center services helps process inquiries more efficiently, and provides elevated operational efficiency and optimized customer experience.
IDC The urban data center, designed on its own technology and established in Pangyo, provides optimized operational efficiency.
Governance & Audit A service that manages the governance of organizations and monitors the various activity logs and events that occurred in the cloud.

Service Release Policy

NHN Cloud Service is managed by the Release Policy as below.

    • The service is open to users before an official service version is released.
    • The service is named with ALPHA icon.
    • This service may fade out depending on company policy.
  • BETA
    • The service is open to users before an official service version is released.
    • The service is named with BETA icon.
  • GA
    • Refers to the official version of service.
Classification SLA Guarantees Service Continuity Period
ALPHA X 3 Months
BETA X O 3 Months
GA O O -
  • The ALPHA or BETA period may be extended or reduced.