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The Instance Template is a service that predefines and stores frequently used instance component information. You can use a predefined instance template to create an instance with the same specification easily, or use it to create a scaling group for using Autoscale.

Instance Template Components

The instance template predefines the following components that compose the instance.

  • Image: A virtual disk image containing the instance's OS
  • Availability zone: Physical location where the instance is to be created
  • Flavor: Performance of the virtual hardware of the instance
  • Key pair: Key used as the means to access to the instance
  • Block storage: Type and capacity of the default disk to be attached to the instance
  • Network: Virtual network to be connected to the instance
  • Floating IP: Whether to use a floating IP
  • Security group: Network security setting of the instance
  • Additional block storage: Type and capacity of the disk to be additionally attached to the instance
  • User script: Script to be automatically executed during the initial booting after the instance is created

[Notes] The role of the instance template is simply to store the component information. The instance is not automatically created by simply making an instance template.