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By calling RESTful API to Cloud Trail, events can be queried by user-defined conditions.

URL & Appkey

AppKey is required to use RESTful API. Check your key information on top right of the [CONSOLE]. [그림 1] AppKey & SecretKey 확인

[Figure 1] Check AppKeys

RESTful API Guide

Common Response Body

To all API requests, HTTP sends 200 for response code. Read the header at Response Body for more details of the response result.

    "header" : {
        "isSuccessful" : true,
        "resultCode": 0,
        "resultMessage" : "Success."
Key Type Description
header Object Response header
header.isSuccessful boolean Successful or not
header.resultCode int Response code: 0 for successful; error code returned if it fails
header.resultMessage String Response message: "SUCCESS" if successful; or, error code returned if it fails.

1. Query Events

  • Query events that occur.
  • Query events by user-defined search conditions.
  • Request Body must include the search conditions.

[Method, URL]

Method URI
POST /cloud-trail/v1.0/appkeys/{appKey}/events/search

[Path Variable]

Key Value
appKey Appkey issued on [CONSOLE]

[Request Body]

    "idNo" : "string",
    "member" : {
      "memberType" : "string",    /* TOAST / IAM */
      "userCode" : "string",      /* In Case IAM member type */
      "emailAddress" : "string",   /* In Case TOAST member type */
      "idNo" : "string" 
    "eventId" : "string",
    "startDate": "2019-09-01T02:00:00.000Z",
    "endDate": "2019-09-12T03:13:00.000Z",
    "page": {
       "sortBy": "string",
       "limit": 20,
       "page": 0
  • In order not to specify event-incurring user, member must not exist.
  • For NHN Cloud memberType, emailAddress is required, while userCode must not exist.
  • By contrast, for IAM memberType, userCode is required, while emailAddress must not exist.
  • idNO, if available, is to be applied beforehand, regardless of userCode or emailAddress.
  • Refer to the manual for more details on event IDs. : link
Key Type Required Description
idNo String X ID of the member incurring an event (uuid)
eventId String O ID of an event to query
startDate Date O Start date of query period
endDate Date O End date of query period
page Object O Page conditions of query result
page.sortBy String X Size sorting conditions of query result (ex. eventTime:desc, idNo:asc)
page.limit Integer O Size conditions of query result (default: 20, max: 1000)) Integer O Page conditions to query among result pages

[Response Body]

    "header": {
        "resultCode": 0,
        "resultMessage": "SUCCESS",
        "isSuccessful": true
    "page": {
        "content": [
                "eventTime": "2019-09-04T10:31:49.348+0000",
                "userIdNo": "24bfb870-46da-11e9-aafd-005056ac7022",
                "userName": "Hong kildong",
                "userId": "",
                "eventSourceType": "API",
                "productId": "M0XnzOFE",
                "region": "string",
                "orgId": "Y4PbNFUlBsRgAxcU",
                "projectId": "string",
                "projectName": "string",
                "appKey": "string",
                "tenantId": "string",
                "eventId": "event_id.iam.member.role.update",
                "request": "{\n\t\"id\" : \"2\",\n\t\"productId\" : \"M0XnzOFE\",\n\t\"uuid\" : \"24bfb870-46da-11e9-aafd-005056ac7022\"\n\t\n}",
                "response": "{\"header\":{\"resultCode\":0,\"resultMessage\":\"SUCCESS\",\"isSuccessful\":true}}",
                "eventTarget": {
                    "targetMembers": [
                            "idNo": "9c30dff8-53ba-4f18-8b44-22ab3b1678d7",
                            "name": "Lim kkukjeong",
                            "userCode": "test_user",
                            "emailAddress": ""
        "pageable": "INSTANCE",
        "totalPages": 1,
        "totalElements": 1,
        "last": true,
        "size": 0,
        "number": 0,
        "numberOfElements": 1,
        "first": true,
        "sort": {
            "sorted": false,
            "unsorted": true,
            "empty": true
        "empty": false
Key Type Description
eventTime Date Time when event is incurred
userIdNo Object UUID of event-incurring member
userName String Name of event-incurring member
UserId String ID of event-incurring member (email format for NHN Cloud account)
userIp String IP of event-incurring member
userAgent String Agent of event-incurring member
eventSourceType String Type of event-incurring subject
productId String ID of product in which event is incurred
region String Region where event is incurred
orgId String ID of organization where event is incurred
projectId String ID of project in which event is incurred
projectName String Name of project in which event is incurred
appKey String Appkey in which event is incurred
tenantId String ID of tenant where event is incurred
eventId String ID of event
request String Request of incurred event
response String Response of incurred event
eventTarget Object Target of incurred event
eventTarget.targetMembers Object Target member of incurred event
targetMembers.idNo String UUID of target member incurred with event String Name of target member incurred with event
targetMembers.userCode Integer ID of target member incurred with event (for IAM members)
targetMembers.emailAddress String Email address of target member incurred with event (for NHN Cloud members)